Real Game FX Kickstarter 2 "Real Power" Coming Soon!

Welcome to our Kickstarter 2 preview page we have been prototyping the new FX below for tabletop games in our upcoming Kickstarter 2 .

1. Steam FX

2. Storm FX

3. Laser FX

4. Portal FX

5. Misty Mountain (Fog Monster 2)

6. Audio FX (you will see a little in the sneak peek video below)

7. Tower of Power

How many of these make it into the our KS2 will really be up to the backers. We just wanted you to know we are getting ready to deliver our next level of real world FX for tabletop gaming.

We will make an announcement as soon as we are ready, in the meantime since many of you picked "Storm FX" as the most likely new candidate to be in KS2 we made some quick real-time footage using one Fog Monster and one of our new Audio Storm Clouds. This is all early prototype WIP.

(PS, The character in the video is the "Storm Bringer" our first unique 28mm figure and will be available in the KS. It is still a WIP but more on our that later :))