Real Game FX Kickstarter 2 - "Monsters of Nature" For Tabletop Games Has Launched!


Last Year You Helped Us Bring Real Fog To Tabletop Games With The Fog Monster. This year we bring you the monstrous power of Steam in our new battery operated "Steam Pod"

Our core product for this release is the new battery operated  "Steam Pod". It is only 2"x4". It puts out a cool mist that has virtually no condensation build up on the game pieces.
This is not a replacement of the Fog Monster, it is a compliment. Each will have its place on the tabletop. We have also created a plethora of special props to take advantage of the new Steam FX system.
Check out the trailer video below for our " Monsters of Nature". Kickstarter.
See the new battery powered Steam Pod in action.
Check out the new "Black Horn Volcano"
The Black Horn Volcano uses the Steam Pod to create a real smoking volcano on your tabletop game.
Check out the new Storm FX with Lightning Clouds.