Real Game FX Kickstarter 2 - "Monsters of Nature" For Tabletop Games.


Last Kickstarter you helped us to create the Fog Monster. This time we are bringing together more of nature's powerful monsters to your tabletop games for the most immersive experience possible. Among them is the Fog Monsters close cousin, Steam Glorious Steam. 
Our new steam is not hot steam, it's steam that is cool to the touch. The advantage being that this "cool" steam has all the same visual effects as smoke but without the condensation on the game pieces. You will have to see it to believe it. We have created a plethora of special props to take advantage of the new Steam FX system. We cant wait to show them so stay tuned as they will be revealed soon. 
For now check out the teaser below and get ready for real monsters, the Monsters of Nature.
See you soon!